Oil Spill Clean Up at the Port of Long Beach, CA


Oil spills are hazards that can take place at any moment, and being prepared for such disasters can help you in coping with the damage that takes place in its wake. Oil spill cleanup products can help you cope with the aftermath of such an occurrence.

Spill Control Inc. is one of the foremost leaders in oil spill cleanup equipment and products in the Port of Long Beach area. This expertise has come about after years of experience in the field, which was fueled by a passionate desire to see the world become a much cleaner place.

Cleaning oil spills is our specialty and we are knowledgeable and experienced to assist you in finding the right oil spill clean up product to get the job done quickly and safely. From minor oil spills in the warehouse to major oil spills on land or water, we can provide assistance when and where you need it in the Port of Long Beach area.

Successfully Cleaning Oil Spills at the Port of Long Beach


An important point to remember is that cleaning oil spills is not a very simple job. Oil and water do not get along, which creates a difficult situation for the cleaner. However, we can equip you with the right tools and chemicals that are needed to get the mess sorted out and the Long Beach area back to its former glory.

Some of the oil spill cleanup equipment that we provide the businesses in the Port of Long Beach include:

  • Oil Rags
  • Granulars
  • Wipe Kits
  • Safety Equipment
  • Mops

Our oil spill response kits are specifically designed to provide you will the tools necessary for cleaning oil spills in and around the Port of Long Beach.


Round the Clock Oil Spill Response at the Port of Long Beach


Our main aim at Spill Control Inc. is to ensure that you get the oil spill clean up products you need, at the moment you need it most. To achieve this, our 24 hour emergency oil spill response services are available so that you can get immediate help when it is needed in the Port Long Beach.

The longer the delay, the more damage done – therefore give us a call right away at 253-606-3303 the minute you are facing an oil spill clean up emergency.

We will be the first to provide you with the oil spill clean up techniques, equipment and products for sucessfully cleaning oil spills in your Port of Long Beach business.

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