Oil Spill Clean Up Procedures Adopted in the Port of Corpus Christi


Oil spills can lead to contamination of water, thus posing a risk to the safety of innumerable creatures which dwell in vast water bodies, like the sea. Using the latest tools and advanced techniques offered by Spill Control Inc., you can carry out the process of oil spill clean up efficiently and also avoid it from causing any further damage to the environment or living beings.

Time is another crucial factor, apart from choosing a suitable method for oil spill clean up. Delaying oil spill clean up can make the situation worse, which can lead to irreparable damage.

Therefore, we offer our services around the clock for the convenience and safety of our clients in the Port of Corpus Christi.

Cleaning Oil Spills in the Port of Corpus Christi


Oil spills can not only have an adverse impact on the health and well being of humans, but can also pose a significant threat to the safety of other creatures, which live on land and in the sea.

Oil spills on land can soak into the soil or enter the drains, which ultimately find their way in the sea. And when oil spills on water, it starts to spread and emulsify, thus making cleaning oil spills quite difficult later.

Whatever the situation might be, cleaning oil spills is one task which should never be delayed or overlooked. No matter how small or big the spill is immediate attention and action is required to eliminate the chances of further damage.

Oil Spill Response for the Port of Corpus Christi

As the incidents of oil spills are increasing all over the world, new researches are being made to control the damage caused by these spills and safeguard nature and our environment.

Oil spill response practices are generally categorized in three types, namely:


  • Mechanical practices
  • Non-mechanical practices
  • Manual practices

However, before applying any oil spill response method it is crucial to analyze some crucial aspects, like location, condition and spread of the oil spill. Once you are able to determine these factors, the choice of an appropriate oil spill clean up method becomes easier.

The tools and equipment we offer our clients at Spill Control Inc. to the Port of Corpus Christi are considered the best in terms of effectiveness and quality. Utilizing these equipment in a proper way will definitely help you to deal with such a critical situation as cleaning an oil spill in an easy and fast manner.

To find out more about our services and the finest quality oil spill clean up products, call us at 1.800.300.1649 or 253.862.2700, or for emergency oil spill response, feel free to contact us at 253.606.3303.

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