Oil Spill Clean-up in the Port of Shanghai, China

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Ever since we took to the seas to transport objects over long distances, oil spills have become a major and often devastating source of trouble to the environment and to our own lives.

However, with world class oil spill clean up services rising to the challenge, this issue can be easily handled safely.

Oil spills, whether they take place on land or out on the open sea, have a deadly effect on the flora and fauna of the neighboring areas.

Cleaning oil spills has thus become a necessity, and Spill Control Inc. has taken the lead in providing the finest oil spill response services.

Cleaning Oil Spills in the Port of Shanghai, China

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Cleaning oil spills requires much more than just the household tools used to clean up a mess that takes place there.

Oil spill clean up of these often hazardous materials require special chemicals and tools that are present with products offered by Spill Control Inc.

Special rags and wipers have to be used so that the oil spill clean up process is done as safely as possible.

Sorbent Rags - The rags used by us for cleaning oil spills provide a number of benefits to the environment, such as:

  • Usage of less energy
  • Least negative impact on the environment
  • Usage of less water
  • Use reclaimed material for eco-friendly usage

Sorbent Wipers: The wipers that we use for cleaning oil spills also provide a number of advantages:

  • Ideal for both heavy duty and light duty oil spill clean up
  • Smooth anti-scratch texture
  • Easy on the hands
  • Cuts through oil, wax, paint, lubricants and other materials

Emergency Oil Spill Response Within 24 Hours in the Port of Shanghai, China

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The facet of Spill Control Inc. that endears it the most with its customers is the emergency oil spill reponse services that are provided by us.

With an oil spill response unit that is dedicated to providing the immediate oil spill clean up products within 24 hours, we are known to be on the spot when needed the most.

If you are looking for the finest oil spill response services in the Port of Shanghai, China, then get in touch with us on our hotline at 253-606-3303.

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