Oil Spill Clean Up Solutions in Singapore


Oil spill incidences are not confined to any one part of the world, but are experienced throughout the globe.

Apart from having an adverse impact on the environment and the health of living beings, oil spills can also lead to monetary loss for companies dealing with the downtime due to oil spill clean up.

Firms operating in and around Port of Singapore can feel secure, as we at Spill Control Inc. are always there to deliver our credible and timely oil spill clean up products to deal with such emergencies.

Our experience of more than two decades has enabled us to gather a lot of expertise and knowledge along the way, making us proficient enough to limit the damage caused by oil spills by taking timely action with our oil spill response.

Cleaning Oil Spills Efficiently and Immediately


We realize that oil spill emergencies require immediate action, thus our oil spill response services are always ready to provide the best products for cleaning oil spills, using the most advanced and effective tools and equipments.

We adopt a streamlined process for cleaning oil spills, including steps like:

  • Identifying the location of oil storage and spill
  • Adopting measures to control and prevent the oil spill from spreading
  • Using advanced tools and products to confine the oil spill
  • Finest procedures for oil spill clean up
  • Analyzing and eliminating the risk of contamination

Accidental oil spills are nothing less than a nightmare for firms in the Port of Singapore, involved in import and export of petroleum, fuel and other oil products.

Our aim is to deliver our clients with efficient oil spill response equipment, techniques and products to ensure a fast and safe oil spill clean up.

Oil Spill Response Services for Singapore Clients


After analyzing the entire situation, our oil spill response kits will give you the right equipment and products to deal with the oil spill clean up emergency.

The products and services we offer are specifically designed to make the process of oil spill clean up faster, safer and more efficient.

Our oil spill response products are rated high on quality and have been manufactured using the best quality materials.

With our wide range of oil spill response services and products, we are able to promptly respond to your needs related to cleaning oil spills, whether it is on land, at sea or beach.

We deliver our oil spill clean up products globally to firms and companies at varied levels.

You can call us at 1-800-300-1649 for details about our products, as well as contact us at 253-606-3303 for our 24 hour oil spill response service.

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