Offering Oil Spill Clean Up Solutions in the Port of Seattle


An oil spill is considered one of the most ecologically disastrous events because of the far reaching effects on plant and animal life within the Port of Seattle. This oil poisons the water; all animal life within the water must face the perils caused by an oil spill.

Sooner or later the oil spill will eventually end up along the shore line, turning even the finest sandy beaches into an oily sludge. If oil spill clean up is not addressed quickly in the Port of Seattle, even the best tourist attractions within the bay could suffer which extends the damage to an financial loss as well.

Spill Control, Inc. are the oil spill clean up experts that offer the best in advanced tools and technologies for cleaning oil spills quickly and effectively for the Port of Seattle.

Cleaning Oil Spills in and Around the Port of Seattle


The portable oil spill response kits we offer are manufactured by oil spill clean up experts. They are the right choice for any type of oil spill emergency and provide for a quick, effective and portable oil spill response for cleaning oil spills.

Spill Control, Inc. brings the Port of Seattle an extensive number of alternatives when it comes to cleaning oil spills and handling the many problems associated with these spills.

Oil spill response kits for cleaning oil spills can be found in 5 to 160 gallons and for the efficient absorption of various substances at the same time. These oil spill response kits are designed for managing small scale oil spills as well as larger and more major oil spill clean up requirements.

The oil spill clean up experts, Spill Control, Inc., have also designed a number of oil spill response kits which can manage a broad selection of spills, including materials such as:

  • Universal spill kits for oils, coolants, solvents and water
  • Oil spill kits for oil only without water
  • Chemical spills including oil, and acids based spills

Effective Oil Spill Response Services for the Port of Seattle


Therefore don't let your environment be contaminated any further and have the right oil spill response kit for oil spill clean up. Spill Control, Inc. can supply you with the best oil spill response service for all of your emergency oil spill needs.

Obtaining the appropriate oil spill response kit can make all the difference in quick and efficient cleaning of oil spills in the port of Seattle area. Get in touch with the oil spill clean up experts at Spill Control Inc. to be prepared!


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